Cycloc Endo Bike Storage

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Details Cycloc Endo Bike Storage

  • Soporte de pared plegable para bicicleta.
  • Atractivo soporte vertical Cycloc, de anclaje a la pared, para el hogar, oficina o puntos de venta.
  • Ideal para instalaciones de alta densidad con poco espacio.
  • Fijación segura en cuatro puntos. Fjjación incluida.
  • Proteje las ruedas y la pared con puntos de contacto de goma, en rueda delantera y trasera.
  • Almohadillas de rueda incluidas.
  • Fácil de instalar: se atornilla a la pared e incluye una plantilla de taladrado y un kit de tornillos de montaje.
  • Bisagra hueca donde podrás sujetar un candado convencional para bicicleta.
  • Instalación discreta, sólo 3.2cm de grosor cuando está plegada.
  • Ideal para su uso en combinación con los soportes de almacenamiento Cycloc Solo y Cycloc Loop.
  • Material: Plástico reciclado.
  • Dimensiones principales: 95 mm x 32 mm x 360 mm.
  • Peso máximo: 18 kg (las bicicletas más pesadas pueden tener la rueda trasera apoyada en el suelo).


Fold flat vertical storage:
· Attractive, vertical cycle storage, for home, office or retail applications.

· Ideal for high density installations with little space, secure four point fixing, fixings included.

· Protect your wheels and wall with wide rubber contact points, front & rear wheel pad included. 

· Hollow hinge accommodates a conventional bicycle lock.

· Discrete fold flat facility, only 3.2cm thick when folded.
· Dimensions: 95 mm x 32 mm x 360 mm.
· Max hanging weight - 18Kg (heavier bikes can have rear wheel resting on ground).
· Ideal for use in conjunction with Cycloc Solo or Cycloc Loop storage products.

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About Cycloc

Cycloc's aim is quite simple: to design and manufacture the bike racks that any cyclist would want to have at home. Born in London's East End in 2006, Cycloc has been recognized at the cycling, industrial and design levels as an innovative brand in both outdoor and indoor bicycle storage. Its team, of course, being cyclists themselves, understands your needs and concerns when it comes to storing your bike safely but also aesthetically and comfortably.

All Cycloc racks are manufactured in the UK, where an exhaustive quality control of all products is guaranteed. Individuals, companies, cycle cafes and bike shops already trust Cycloc. Now it's your turn.

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