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Promo Paint Keirin Collection

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    Spray.Bike Paint.
    Manufacturer: BLB, Vicious Cycles Athens, Cosmos Lac.

    Spray.Bike paint

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    SPRAY.BIKE PAINT: Keirin Collection Paint:
    · 200ml.
    · 2 coats recommended.
    · All colours can be overlaid to create specific colour flake mixes.
    · Spray distance: at least 30 cm.

    Keirin Flake:
    A clearcoat of traditional Japanese-style metallic flakes to give you an amazing eye-catching sparkle.
    The Flake range consists of 6 coloured metal flake options in our Frame Builder’s Transparent Finish. They can be used over Spray.Bike colours to provide an amazing glitter finish – or even used over factory paint to add a unique sparkle effect to the frame.

    Keirin Sunlight:
    A clearcoat of glass dust gives this range a unique effect. Indoors it’s subtle, but when direct sunlight hits it - Bam!
    The Sunlight range has 4 colours of crushed liquid glass in the Frame Builder’s Transparent Finish, creating a glitter effect only really viewable in direct sunlight.

    Instructions for use:
    · Ensure surface is clean and dry.
    · Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye/face protection.
    · Always paint in an open space in the open air.
    · Shake can for at least 3 minutes before use.
    · Test spray for 2-3 seconds prior to application.
    · Spray surface from a distance of 30cm.
    · When spraying, keep hand moving at all times.
    · Allow to dry before adding 2nd coat (touch dry: 10 minutes, complete cure: 2 hours).
    · At end, turn can upside down and spray for 2 seconds before storing.
    · Protect can from sunlight and temperatures exceeding 50°C/122°F.

    LINK 1: Spray.Bike, special sprays for painting your bike
    LINK 2: Tips and tricks: painting your bike with Spray.Bike

    About Spray.Bike

    Spray.Bike is a collaboration between three different companies: Brick Lane Bikes – a major international manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler in the bike industry, based in London. Vicious Cycles Athens – an urban bike workshop in the centre of Athens, Greece. Cosmos Lac – a high-tech paint manufacturer based in Greece.

    Spray.Bike was created out of frustration with existing products. if you’re not an experienced pro, metal or car spray paint is so utterly difficult to use on bikes.
    At VCA, while trying to repair a damaged frame using a standard RAL spray, we were so disappointed with the results that we phoned up the manufacturer, which happened to be Cosmos Lac. “Well what do you want the paint to do?” was the reply. After 2 years of development, Spray.Bike is the answer.
    VCA and Cosmos Lac sent samples over to Brick Lane Bikes in London for their highly trusted opinion. From the moment they tried it, they wanted to be part of the excitement too.

    Keirin Collection

    Spray.Bike Keirin Collection

    Spray.Bike Keirin Collection

    Spray.Bike Keirin Collection


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