Going through the city on your bike is a fast and fun way to go from one place to another. It is also a sustainable means of transport that does not generate jams neither emits harmful CO2 particles into our atmosphere. It might seem that our main aim – to motivate as many people as possible to get on their bike – has already helped lessen pollution. This is unfortunately not the case, because for each order we ship and each product batch we receive, we also contribute to the CO2 level rising. This means we also do damage when it comes to climate change.



One of the reasons for global warming is the deforestation that has taken place in different areas of the world in recent decades. Overexploitation has devastated forests and jungles. It is estimated that we need to plant a forest the size of India in order to avoid a temperature rise of another 2 °C by 2030. WeForest is an organization that collaborates with local authorities, scientists and activists in these deforested areas and finances reforestation projects through funds given by private people and companies. And that's where we come into play. At Santafixie, since the beginning of 2021, we are financing the planting of a tree through WeForest for each bicycle that we sell..


Specifically, the trees that have been planted thanks to the contributions we have received so far are in the region of Pontal do Paranapanema, in São Paulo, Brazil. It is an Atlantic forest area times bigger than the United Kingdom, whose extension has been reduced by 80% due to expansive agriculture. Through active reforestation, these land patches are starting to recover, connecting the Iguaçu National Park with the Morro Diabo State Park, and at the same time promoting the economic development of the area and retaining its biodiversity. In fact, the first primates returning to their natural habitat have already been seen.

Brazil, wildlife corridors


On this map you can see how the reforestation project evolves in the Pontal region of Paranapanema. If you click on the detail of each of the areas you will see photos of the work done, as well as the animals that begin to repopulate their natural habitat. To date, 2,042,500 trees have been replanted on an area of ​​1,021 hectares, which is equivalent to 323,982 tons of CO2.


In 2012, the United Nations initiated a process to define the objectives of sustainable development, that is, the solutions to the great problems faced currently by humanity. After a process of discussion and consultation of citizens of all ages, of the highest number of countries possible, in 2015, the final proposal was presented with 17 sustainable development objectives to be completed before 2030.

The 17 SDGs are 17 global challenges that aim to end poverty, famine, with inequalities, with pollution, with armed conflicts and enhance universal health, access to clean and potable water, decent work, the sustainability of Cities and industry, renewable energies and responsible production and consumption. Companies have the responsibility to contribute to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Specifically in Santafixie, these are the 4 objectives of which we believe that we are partly responsible and we take direct actions.

Commuting by bike on a daily basis contributes to you feeling better physically and mentally. It is proved by experts, and our experience confirms it.
You do not need a new bike each time some piece breaks. You can repair it with a minimal investment and enjoy your zero-emission means of transport.
One more bike is a car less or one more space in public transport for people who do not have other mobility alternatives. Once you start, there is no turning back.
It is everyone’s responsibility, both ours and yours, to reduce emissions and not contribute further to global warming. What are you doing?


We are sure that the climate emergency we are going through has made you rethink some of your habits, and that you are trying to improve them so that we all live in a more sustainable, fairer and healthier world. But we are also convinced that you can do something else.

WeForest accepts personal donations via PayPal or bank transfer, either once or periodically. With your contribution, you will be helping reforestation in the project that you choose, improving the quality of the air we all breathe, helping the local economy of the area and putting animals back in their local environment again.

Thank you!