10 ideas for decorating your home with bicycle parts

decorating your home with bicycle parts

Maybe you’ve never thought that old bicycle parts could be used to make lamps or coasters, among many other inventions. In fact, with a little imagination you can recycle those old bicycle components or accessories and give them a new life in your home or a new use.

10 ideas for decorating with bicycle parts

At Santafixie we are experts in using old bikes and repairing them, for this very reason we recommend that you don’t throw away your old bike parts or accessories and reuse them to create innovative decorations for your home. We’re sure you can get something out of it. If you can’t think of any inventions, here are some very original ideas for decorating your home

1. Wall clock

decorating your home with bicycle parts

With a bicycle wheel you can create a stylish clock for any wall in your home. You will need to buy a mechanical system of hands that mark the time and numbers so that you can know the exact time. Choose the numbers you like the most and design a unique wall clock. Who would have thought that with a wheel you could make your own wall clock.


2. Wall sculpture with bicycle wheels

decorating your home with bicycle parts

Do you have a bland, undecorated wall and are you a real bike fanatic? Check out this idea and start customizing the wall of your house with bicycle wheels. Try combining different wheel sizes and you will see that the result is much more attractive. If you need wheels to finish building your wall, Santafixie can help you to complete it.


3. Coasters

decorating your home with bicycle parts

Tired of inviting people to your house and having the ring marks of the glasses on the tables? Take note of this coaster idea using different sizes of sprockets and make your own. With only one sprocket you can have different sizes of coasters, all you have to do is disassemble it and buy a non-slip base to stick on each ring that you have disassembled.


4. Ceiling lamp

decorating your home with bicycle parts

As you can see, this lamp is made using a bicycle chainring and a chain, imagination has no limits. The chain is not necessary, but the bicycle plate as the main base of the lamp if it is important that you use it to create a good structure. Once you have the base made, decorate the edges of the lamp as you like.


5. Coat hangers

decorating your home with bicycle parts

The coat rack is a very useful accessory that can be placed almost anywhere in your home. Stop throwing your jackets on any chair in your house and make your own coat rack to hang and store them properly. With any part of your bike, handlebar, crank or brake lever you can create a simple rack. On the wall, behind the door or in the closet of your room Where are you going to put your bike rack?


6. Wall ornamentsdecorating your home with bicycle parts

If what you need is to decorate the wall of your house and do not know what to put or how to do it, at Santafixie we give you some inspiration. Use any part of your old bike to decorate it and show all your guests your true passion for bikes. What do you think of this idea? With the handlebars and the saddle you can symbolize the head of a buffalo or a deer, that depends on the perspective and imagination of each person. We have given you an idea, now it’s up to you to build this invention and decorate your home.


7. Table lamp

decorating your home with bicycle parts

The old bicycles stand out for having a front headlight that was charged by a dynamo. If your old bike is one of those, take a good look at the photo and use this innovative idea to create a table lamp.


8. Photo display stand

decorating your home with bicycle parts

It’s time to take advantage of all those photos you have at home hidden in the drawer or stored in an album, to take a little life and prominence in the decoration of your home. Thanks to the spokes of the wheels of your old bicycle you can hang all your favourite photos by means of a small clamp. Original and functional, right?


9. Candle holder

decorating your home with bicycle parts

If you are one of those people who like the warmth and tranquility that candles bring, this idea is sure to interest you. With a simple chain you can create different holders for the candles in your home to prevent the wax from spilling and sticking to the table. In addition, you can make different sizes and adapt the supports according to the size of the candles.


10. The bicycle as an ornament

decorating your home with bicycle parts

To finish with our decoration ideas using old bicycles, we offer you this idea. Use your old bicycle as a decorative element for any corner of your house. At Santafixie we help you to restore your old bike so you can paint it with the color you like and you will be perfect and in line with the decor of your home.


With these images, have you been inspired and have you come up with more ideas for decorating with bicycle parts? We leave you some more in our Pinterest album.

“Do you have anything to add to this story? You can use the comments area and tell us what you have converted your old bike components into.

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