Fixed Gear Bicycle Vintage and Retro Style


Many of our customers restore old bikes with potential. They prefer using the frame of an old bike and transform it into a vintage bike with fixed or single speed and retro style to buying a new one.

On our Facebook page, we have an album of photos of our customers’ bikes, in this post we want to show you some of them. The majority are vintage bikes they got from their parents or grandparents and which date from the ’70s or ’80s. They had them stored or abandoned somewhere, but one day decided to modernise them and to change some of the components like the wheels, the handlebar tapes, the saddle etc.

We’ll show you Orbea, Giant and Peugeot bikes, the majority of which are built with an old road frame. As you can see, the most important thing to turn your road bike into a fixie is to change the transmission system; that is the rear wheel, the crankset and the chain.

Peterofthespoon’s bike. He bought a Peugeot frame at a second-hand market and we helped him with the rest of the components, for example the Weinmann DP18 wheels in silver. They look great and are ideal to give the bike a classic and vintage touch. Peter created a perfect combination of the colours: the green frame, the silver wheels and the white handlebar tapes, saddles and chain.

vintage fixed gear bicycle

Miguel also used an old frame and turned his road bike into a retro freewheel bike. He combined olive green with chrome colours, brown and black. The result is also spectacular:

fixie bicycle

Another customer also opted for DP18 wheels in silver to restore and customise his old frame. A good example for a really pretty and elegant vintage and retro fixie bike with fixed gear, metal toe-clips and with leather-look handlebar tapes to give the bike a classy style.

retro fixed gear bike

On the other hand, there are also customers who prefer to combine vintage components with more modern ones. For example, they mount wheels with higher profiles and eye-catching colours (which can be also white and black), platform pedals with straps and non-metal pedals with toe-clips, saddles like the BLB Fly or the Origin8 Aero, and non-classic Brooks or Selle San Marco Vintage saddles, as well as bullhorn or straight handlebars but not the classic road ones.





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