Lady Bicycle Prankster


If you like bicycles a lot and you follow the world’s accounts in Instagram, you will surely find yourself every day in the “Discover” section with those photographs in which female models pose with bicycles and cyclist equipment (or part of the equipment) in somewhat unlikely postures or situations for the average cyclist. Well, there is an Instagram account that recreates and parodies all these photographs, and you should follow it now.

It is called Lady Bicycle Prankster (@gravel_tryharrd), and behind the account is a young woman who prefers to maintain her anonymity, although she exposes herself without any kind of self-censorship. The profile has more than 14,000 followers and her photographs recreate with a great sense of humour those photos we usually find on Instagram, usually featuring attractive women who may not be your typical cyclist, but they are posted, without any difficulty, to accumulate likes and comments in their accounts.

lady bicycle prankster

Although Lady Bicycle Prankster prefers to remain anonymous, she did give an interview to “Bicycling” magazine explaining the reasons why she created the account: “It started as a joke between friends, we sent each other photos of this type that we found on Instagram. I’m not much of a social networker, I don’t have Facebook or Twitter but a friend told me that I should create an Instagram account. Somehow at that moment the idea popped in my head.”

lady bicycle prankster

The anonymous instagrammer criticises the sexist use of women in the photographs used in some accounts: “I’ve been cycling for a long time, so when I see those photos, I laugh. It’s like, “How do you wear those stiletto heels on your bike? How did this company think it was a good idea? “It’s ridiculous, but I imagine a woman who is interested in cycling and looks for “women’s cycling” in Instagram. And what does she see? If it had been me years ago, before I bought my first road bike, I would have turned around and left. I’d think, “Well, this sport is for men.”

lady bicycle prankster
Lady Bicycle Prankster also said that she always tags users she parodies with her photos “so they get a notification and know I’m talking about them. Follow her now!


lady bicycle prankster

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