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We’ve been competing in fixed-gear Criteriums, both in Spain and internationally, in collaboration with Raw Magazine, supporting racers financially and with equipment so that our riders were able to compete (travels, inscriptions, accommodation…). This year, we have created a new team, basically from the ground up.

Looking back, 2016 was a very good year, especially thanks to our winning competitor Francisca Campos, who won several Criteriums, including the Rad Race held in Berlin, and Marco Hita, who made it to the podium several times last year. Now we’re going even further and have formed a single team together with Brick Lane Bikes (London), better known as BLB, in order to make a stronger, more competitive team.

The Santafixie BLB Team will consist of two women and two men.

In terms of the women’s team, we wanted Francisca to have a partner to help her during Criteriums. We already knew about Margaux since she finished third at the 2016 Vall D’Uixó Criterium. Margaux, who is a French girl living in Barcelona, is a member of the French national inline-skating team. She’s young and is simultaneously skating, cycling and studying physiotherapy.

The women’s team is therefore :
Francisca Campos (31, Instagram: @ficasia – Strava: Francisca Campos Salas)
Margaux Vigie (21, Instagram: @gomarrun – Strava: Margaux Vigie)

team santafixie blb grils

Regarding our men’s team, Marco Hita will keep riding, and we have a new member, Álex de Cortada.
Marco, known for his strength and talent as a cyclist, was the only cyclist who made it to the podium who wasn’t a member of the Poloandbike team. He’s also the founder of a clothing brand, Arrueda.

Álex is a member of the cycling group riders @bcnfixielab, he’s a graphic designer and a filmmaker. He’s been competing in the fixed-gear scene for more than 6 years. His favourite hobby is to ride up the Tibidabo mountain with a fixed-gear bike and go back down – something not many are able to do, not only because of the ascent, but because he goes down with no brakes.

The men’s team is therefore:
Marco Hita (28, Instagram: @marco_hita, Strava: Marco Antonio Hita)
Álex de Cortada (24, Instagram: @alexdecortada, Strava: Alex de Cortada)

team santafixie blb boys

The bikes have changed drastically compared to last year. We have assembled a BLB Aeon Full Carbon frame, available on Santa Fixie (or SantaFixie?) and painted it with our bike sprays to give it a more aggressive look and to make it match our skinsuit look. The wheels are an American Classic 420 Aero Track Tour set, which have come to replace the H Plus Archetype ones that we’d been using since some years ago.

Drivetrain components will be a Ridea 3D crank, a Ridea bottom bracket and BLB sprockets, which have proven to be high-quality products

Here you have a prototype of the assembled bike. It’s not the finished version though:

Santafixie BLB Team

We’ve also kept the KMC HL 710 chain, a high-quality chain suitable for fixed-gear bikes, at a very reasonable price. The tyres have remained unchanged too – we still have the Continental Grand Prix 4000 SII ones, which have a wonderful grip and high resistance and durability features.

As for the handlebars, stem and seatpost, we have again chosen DEDA for its great affordability. If you’re looking for middle-high range products at a good price, Deda Elementi is an excellent option:
Deda Curva Zero 100 Bar – Black.
Deda Zero 2 Stem – Black (different sizes, so that each rider can choose whichever suits them better)
Deda Elementi RSX 02 Seatpost – Black.
BLB Stealth Saddle – Black.

As we said, we’re having our framesets and forks painted by skilled spray painters. Here you have some sneak peaks to see what they will look like once they’re finished 🙂


foto spray bike santafixie blb

santafixie blb

cuadro santafixie blb team

We want to thank all of our supporters, especially BLB, who have trusted this project since the very start, and also American Classic for the wheels and Ridea for the cranksets.

You can follow the team’s adventures on Instagram.

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