Complete SNTFX wheels. Ready to ride with them!

complete sntfx wheels

Surely you have had the urge to improve or simply change some components of your bike but you didn’t get started out of fear of not having the right tools or knowledge. We know. We’re talking bottom brackets, steerers, hydraulic brake system but also wheels.

“Which hub is compatible with this rim?” “How many spokes are needed for each wheel?” “How do you mount the fixed sprocket?” “You know what, I’ll leave it, I’ll stick with the ones I have…”

complete sntfx wheels

That’s why at Santafixie we decided to launch a new collection of complete SNTFX wheels including hubs, spokes, rim, inner tube, clincher, rim tape, fixed and freewheel. All 100% assembled. Once you receive them at home, all you have to do is inflate them, put them on and start pedalling.

The SNTFX aluminum wheels come in three different finishes; black, white and silver, plus two profiles; 30mm and 60mm. You can also pick between a flip-flop or backpedal hub; and between urban tires with brown or black sidewall or the tracklocross option. We offer 15 sets of wheels in total that can be purchased individually if you prefer.

complete sntfx wheels

All our wheels are assembled individually in our facilities in Barcelona, giving them the same care and affection that we would give if they were wheels for our own bike.

complete sntfx wheels


complete sntfx wheels
complete sntfx wheels


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  • Hi, I’ve a Pinnacle Dolomite single speed bike and looking for new wheel set It has a free wheel sprocket on rear wheel and disc brakes can you offer information on suitable wheel sets you have for sale for my bike?

    Tom Wilson 2022-04-18 11:53 am Reply
    • Hi! Unfortunately we don’t have stock of any wheel with disc brakes. Sorry!

      Santafixie Group 2022-06-02 12:46 pm Reply
  • Hi I bought a pair of 60mm aluminium aero wheels a while ago and I was wondering what the weight of the set of wheels would be together?

    Ameer ali 2022-10-09 11:22 pm Reply
    • The total weight of a set of SNTFX 60mm wheels + tires + inner tubes is around 2.2 kgs.

      Santafixie Group 2022-10-10 7:19 am Reply
  • Thanks for sharing this! It’s great to know about these complete SNTFX wheels. Makes the decision-making process much easier.

    Bicycle Parts 2023-10-10 6:42 am Reply
    • Thanks!

      Santafixie Group 2023-10-11 11:04 am Reply

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