10 Perfect Cycling Products for this Fall

10 perfect cycling products for this fall

Four days ago you were in the pool, cooling off after a stifling bike ride at 33 ° and now you go out into the street in the early morning in a jacket and you are thinking of buying wood for the fireplace before the cold really arrives. You can still risk going outside in a short sleeve, but during the descents you notice that the weather has cooled. Assume autumn is here. So we are going to recommend 10 items that you should check to continue enjoying the bike during this autumn season of hot tea, leaves on the ground and tights covered with mud.

1. Sweatshirt Santafixie x Nvayrk – Asphalt

Sudadera Santafixie x Nvayrk - Asphalt

A basic from our closet. We actually use it even on summer nights when it’s a bit “cooler”. Made of super soft and high quality fabric, with 80% cotton. With a pocket on the back it will make it easier for us to carry an object without the need to carry a backpack. Also available in reflective elements to make us visible at night.

2. DND Giro Gloves

Guantes Giro DND

The gloves for everything. There are those who cannot leave the house without putting on makeup, and there are those who cannot ride a bike without gloves. In Santafixie there are some of those who cannot leave the house without gloves. In addition to keeping our hands warm, they will protect them in the event of a fall. The DND from Giro also allow us to operate mobile phones or GPS with them. Available in Lima, Black and many others.

3. RAINS Base Jacket Long Black

RAINS Base Jacket Long Negro

In the middle of autumn, it has started to cool but it’s still not too cold and you don’t know if it will end up raining or not on your way back home. No problem. The Rains Base Long Jacket is the right choice. Tremendously light but 100% waterproof. It is made of a soft, ultra light and comfortable material. The style is minimalist and functional with concealed zip pockets, elastic hood edge and sleeves. Sportsmanship and elegantly made jacket.

4. Thermal T-shirt Pissei Iceland Black

Camiseta Térmica Pissei Islandia Negro

When we go out with the bike, whether on the road, gravel or mountain bike, less is more. When it is cold, it is best to wear a thermal shirt and thus save us jackets that sweat badly and make us sweat more than needed. Thermal shirt + long sleeve jersey is the winning equation. Pissei‘s one also has a high turtleneck, so no need for a gator neck. All are advantages.

5. Ass Saver Regular White

Guardabarros Ass Savers

With the new FLIP-TIP grip system in Ass Savers, they have further improved the lighter and more comfortable wearing fender. You can carry it folded in the backpack, and if it rains, unfold it and place it on the back of the saddle. Thus, you will keep your back and backpack safe from the dirty water that splashes of the rear wheel of your bike. The regular model is the standard, but we also have wider ones for mountain bikes, longer and for the front wheel.

6. Set of cups of Look Mum No Hands! Tour de France

tazas Look Mum No Hands! Tour de France
Coffee, tea, chocolate milk, just water … whatever you drink after a bike ride, do it in style. The new cups of Look Mum No Hands! They are a tribute to the Tour de France. If you have just climbed the Tourmalet of your town and you feel like the king of the mountain, it is best to have a green tea with the red spoted cup. If you have won all the sprints with your cycling friends, put on the green jersey as the points classification leader. And if today you have won a KOM, therefore being a special day, it is a yellow cup day jersey for the leader of the Tour de France.

7. Kryptonite Avenue R-50

Kryptonite Avenue R-50

There are fewer and fewer hours of daytime sun, you will surely notice it when you leave work. It is important to see where you are going in those moments, but perhaps more important is that they see you. The Kryptonite Avenue R-50 rear light has up to 50 lumens of intensity in its most powerful mode, and up to 11.25 hours of autonomy in the economic mode, still giving a power of 10 lumens. It is charged through USB port, has a fixed base to put it on and take it off very easily. It can be attached to the backpack or pants by means of a clip and it is waterproof. What more can you ask?

8. Chrome Industries Storm Cobra 2.0 jacket

Chaqueta Chrome Industries Storm Cobra 2.0
Early December, still in Autumn but you can tell that winter is coming. You no longer want to ride a bike and feel the breeze freezing your skin and ears. For the ears, a simple hat under the helmet will do. For the upper body, a good jacket is what you need. The Chrome Industries Storm Cobra 2.0 is your ally: it is 100% waterproof, made with the three-layer Storm ™ breathable fabric that will protect you from the days of wind and rain. With this one you have a jacket for several years.

9. Pissei Lavaredo Black tights

Culotte largo Pissei Lavaredo Negro

The Pissei Lavaredo long tights will be your best ally in bike trips during late autumn and winter. Made of thermal fabric it has practical features such as the front zipper to put it on and take it off very quickly. It also has shoulder pressure regulation. The pad is made of gel, very comfortable and resistant to washing and wear.

10. Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart B + roller

Rodillo Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart B+

If after all the options we have given you to go outside, you still prefer to stay at home, you can also ride your bike in the living room. The Elite Qubo Power Mag SMART B + roller is the option for when you don’t want to get cold or get wet, nor do cars rub you by 50 centimeters. It is an intelligent roller, compatible with Zwift and many other systems of virtual environments. It has a resistance unit with 8 levels of hardness, which can be selected through a manual selector or through the software with which you use it. The fixing system is very simple and done with a single movement. You can ride it with road and mountain bikes up to 29″ and it folds taking up very little space when you do not use it. That way they don’t have to go out, really.

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