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After the frame, bike wheels are perhaps the most important part of your bike. As a cycling store specialising in city bikes and their components, we have the most extensive online catalogue of 700c wheels.

Within this size, there are different types: wheels for city bikes, for road bikes, track and velodrome, gravel and cyclocross.

There is a wide range of bike wheels so you should be clear about which wheel you need to buy according to your needs before you buy them for your bike. In addition, if you only need one of the two wheels, in our online store you can buy front wheels, rear wheels or sets of wheels for bikes, we even have contrapedal wheels.

Types of wheels according to each use

When it comes to choosing the type of wheel for your bike, it will mainly depend on what you will use it for.

If you are going to use your bike in a mainly urban environment, you have different options.

  • Fixie and single-speed wheels

In our catalogue, the area in which we have a wide range are the fixie/single speed. In other words, a model for fixed gear bikes, very efficient and practical for use in the city.

  • City wheels

We also have numerous options of wheels for city bikes, designed for the city, they should offer a good grip on the road surface and a greater resistance to punctures.

  • Wheels for city bikes

We also have 700c road wheels which are very thin, lightweight and more aerodynamic. Wheels for track bikes

If you want to unleash and you're looking for an enhanced performance, you can even try track bikes: their light weight will give you more quality and they can also be used in a similar way to a fixie bike, even though they are created for use in a velodrome.

  • Gravel and cyclocross wheels

If you are thinking of riding your bike in urban surroundings or even for journeys, we also have wheels for gravel and cyclocross bikes. A good investment to turn your bike into a truly versatile vehicle, overcoming trails, gravel...

What material should you choose for your wheels?

Another aspect that ends up determining a bike's wheels to a large extent is their material: external elements are often what determines the weight of a bike, and its performance can vary considerably.

  • Aluminium wheels

Traditional aluminium wheels, even though they are usually heavier, continue to be highly valued for their robustness and even for their braking capacity. There is nothing like the safety that a classic bike gives you.

  • Carbon wheels

For their part, carbon wheels are a whole world to explore. With their light weight, you will be able to fly through your city’s streets at speed and achieve a high performance in line with the investment they involve.

Other components for your wheels

In addition, you can also buy other components and accessories for your wheels in our store so you can do other repairs and make changes that have nothing to do with your bike’s wheels that you will be able to leave intact.

  • Hubs

You may need new hubs, a common repair in the central axis of your wheels that will prevent greater damage.

  • Inner tubes

You can buy inner tubes to repair your punctures and not be left stranded in the middle of your journey.

  • Tyres and rims

You can also try the different types of tyres and rims to see which adapts to the different sensitivities of the wheel and the use you are going to make of your bike.

  • Wheel accessories

Similarly, you can also find other wheel accessories such as valve adaptors, rim tape...

Advantages of buying on Santafixie

90% of the wheels we offer in our catalogue are manually fitted by our team of mechanics at our premises in Barcelona. Once you place your order online, one of our colleagues gets the tyre you have chosen, the hub, the spokes and the spoke nipples. Afterwards, the spokes are fitted and finally your wheel is aligned manually. This way, we are able to offer the biggest variety of colours, profiles, spokes and different qualities of wheels for city, road and competition cycling.