16,000 km on a fixie around Australia

joseph kendrick

Three years before the global pandemic of COVID-19, people were already doing unimaginable things. For example, touring Australia on a fixed-gear bicycle, completing more than 16,000 km.

This is one of the ideas of Joseph Kendrik, British, vegan, ultra-cyclist and protagonist of other adventures and challenges such as “24 hours in a row delivering food in Uber Eats“, “London to Paris in a single day” or travelling the entire West Coast of the USA from Canada to Mexico on a fixed gear. Even making the first-ever fixed gear Everesting on record seems a minor milestone compared to these feats, but it is also something he has achieved.

If you’re wondering what equipment Kendrick carried on his bike just out of curiosity or in case you’ve ever thought of planning a similar adventure, here’s a video showing how many bags he carried, how he organized his equipment to distribute the weight and what the bike he completed this feat with looks like.

You can follow Kendrick’s adventures on his Youtube channel and Instagram or simply watch his rides on Strava.

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