France is Clear about it: €50 for Every Cyclist


In the process of easing the lockdown due to COVID 19 in the countries most affected by the pandemic such as Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and France, Emmanuel Macron’s government have launched a measure to encourage the use of bikes.

Since the 11th May, every French resident has a €50 voucher available to them to spend on the repair or servicing of their bike. The measure announced by the Environment Minister, Elisabeth Borne, involves a direct investment (that doesn’t cost anything) of 20 million euros in the bike sector. They are going to issue 300,000 vouchers worth €50. In addition to the repair and servicing of bikes, they have also taken measures to install provisional cycle lanes in avenues and increase the number of bike racks to secure bikes in the street. In the Paris region they are going to develop many more cycle lanes that connect the centre with the municipalities of the metropolitan area, with the aim of reaching 750 kilometres.

It has been shown that the bike will be a key element in the process of returning to “normality”. More people moving around cities by bike means fewer crowds on public transport, less traffic from private vehicles and less pollution.

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