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santafixie 2020

2020, the year of the pandemic, but also the year of the consecration of urban cycling and the creation of thousands of kilometres of bike lanes in cities, the year of overflowed bicycle shops, the year of highways, promenades and streets. The year of new cyclists, of repairing and painting abandoned bicycles in the storage room, the year of Zwift and the craziness for turbo trainers, but also the year of out-of-stock in the bike and component factories.

All this at a global level. At a closer level, that of Santafixie, it has been a year that we started with an excellent rhythm of sales that grew exponentially as of April. At first, with half the world confined to home, we sold all the rollers that we had in stock and those that we could get. Later, during the months of April and May, the products that were most in demand were tools, spare parts, components and paint sprays. With free time and no option to go out for a walk or ride a bike, our clients set about getting their bicycles ready or restoring an old bike.

It was time to go out on the street again, to take advantage of the time they let us enjoy sports and we ran out of bicycles. All. All types. The situation has improved over the months, more stock has arrived, but the factories of frames and components do not have the capacity to produce the high demand. Models are out of stock until the end of 2021. So if you have a bike, you have a treasure.

We cannot forget the situation experienced in our facilities on March 10, four days before the announcement of the State of Alarm. A chemical explosion in a nearby warehouse caused a shower of deposits, rubble and debris that destroyed the roof and part of our office and warehouse. All of our workers were unharmed but the process of repairing the damage while we prepared the flood of orders was a challenge that we managed to carry out. It has been a 2020 let’s say moved.

As we do every year, we share with you some of the most curious data or that may interest you from our 2020 in Santafixie.

santafixie 2020


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