Riding a Bike with One Leg is Possible: The Story of Leo Rodgers.


13 years ago, 35-year-old Leo Rodgers was in a motorcycle accident and was lucky to get out alive. The cost, however, was extremely high: Leo Rodgers suffered the amputation of his left leg below the hip.

Even before the accident, Leo was crazy about bikes and the accident was not going to change that aspect of his life. On the contrary, it was a bicycle that would become a tool with which he would regain his independence in terms of mobility as well as providing an escape on the mental level.

Leo Rodgers

A fixed-gear bike turned out to be perfect for riding with one leg. Using cadence, he could brake and control the speed. Since then, Leo has been working in a bike shop in Tampa, repairing bikes, and is a key player in Florida’s cycling community.

We leave you with a report dedicated to him in Bicycle magazine along with the original article via this link.



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