Road iD, the App that can Save your Life


It all started with an “almost accident” in 1999. Edward Wimmer was preparing to run a marathon when a pick-up truck nearly ran over him while training. His father had already advised him to wear some label with his basic information so that if he ever had to be admitted to the hospital unconscious, the medical team would have access to his records. After the “almost accident” Edward and his father, Mike Wimmer, put all their efforts in Road iD.

An online store of screen-printed products with basic personal information such as name, place of residence, illnesses, allergies, blood type and contact information for people to contact in the event of an accident or loss. There is even a pet version, with the owner’s information.

road id

The most common is to have this information in a bracelet or a metal pendant, but as everything evolves now there is also the APP version, with some extra functionality. In addition to displaying the same basic information and emergency contacts on the lock screen of our mobile phone when we are doing any physical activity, the Road iD application shows our exact position by GPS in real time to the person we have designated. This way they will know where we are at all times.

road id

But perhaps the most useful feature of the app is the one that sends an alert to our contact if we stay for 5 minutes at the same point. Maybe you just stopped to rest or take some pictures, but if you fell and became unconscious this functionality of Road iD can save your life.

road id

The app is available for both Android and iOS.

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