Santafixie Raval Black & Raw Miche Edition


With an incredible light at dawn we went to the beach, to use what remains of the last summer days and especially to try the new models of urban, fixed gear and single speed bikes we have launched.

The Santafixie Raval Black bicycle, mounted with fixed gear and track handlebar. The frame and the fork are made of very light 6061 aluminium, with polished welds, which give it a spectacular finish. It weighs less than 10 kilos, comes with two brakes and also with a freewheel sprocket. Ideal for urban use, for commuting, go to university or ride nimbly through the city.

Santafixie Raval Black

And the Santafixie Raval Raw 60mm – Single Speed Bicycle, also with fixed gear and with a range of Miche components: wheels, chain, seat post, bottom bracket and crankset, which make it rise in quality considerably. It has the same frame and fork, made of 6061 aluminium and with polished welds for a very nice finish. This bike is designed for training in the velodrome or compete in criterium-type races.

Santafixie Raw Miche Edition

After the presentation of the models, we leave you with the video so you can see the bikes in action:

Summer Vibes 2018
Riders: Alex de Cortada y Marc Garrido
Edit: Alex de Cortada
Shot on location: Castelldefells

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