Bicycle pedals are a very important component. They are part of the transmission of the bike, and serves as a base to support our feet and correctly transmit the force of our body to pedal and get the bike to move.

The pedals are connected to the cranks by means of a thread (be very careful if you are going to mount the pedals yourself, being cautious not to damage the cranks) and these in turn to the bottom bracket, a fundamental component for the whole drivetrain to rotate properly.

You can put pedals of many types and shapes on your bicycle, coloured pedals, brands, materials such as aluminum, plastic, alloys, carbon and steel, and of course for any budget.

Santafixie offers pedals for city bicycles and special types of pedals for classic bicycles, to give it a retro and vintage look. Also platform pedals and clipless pedals for those of you who cycle frequently and wear shoes with cleats.

You can take your feet resting on the pedals, as most people do, but you can use toe cages or straps, to keep them gripped in place, and take better advantage of the force when pedalling.