Summer Is Coming


Lannister, Stark or Targaryen? Will the three families unite to face the white walkers? Will the Lannisters pay their debt? Will the Starks finally be right with their Winter is Coming? Will the Targaryen finish with “Fire and Blood”? After a year of waiting, this Sunday we will begin to find out all the unknowns that loom over Westeros with the premiere of the eight and final season of “Game of Thrones”.

For some eight seasons may be too short, for others they may seem too long for a TV series but in the words of the author of the books, George R.R. Martin, they might even have been 13. Too bad for the fans of the series.In the meantime, you can take a look at the compilation we’ve made of photos of the actors in the series riding their bikes. Unfortunately, none of them yet on a Santafixie.

In addition, for everyone’s benefit, we’ve added some discounts to our Brooks saddles, inspired by the three most famous “Game of Thrones” families. Check out our selection here:

game of thrones
game of thrones
game of thrones

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