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Why choose the best seat for your bike?

The bike saddle is one of the support points we have with the bike. It is a seat that is attached to the seat post (a tube usually from aluminum) that is inserted into the frame of the bike and allows us to adjust our height on the bicycle.

If you are thinking of buying a saddle for your bike we have a great catalog and many offers for you to choose from. Buying the right saddle is very important to pedal comfortably and avoid problems in position, pain or discomfort. As every cyclist is different, it is convenient to take into account the weight, height and flexibility, but also the material and quality.

In the market there are flat saddles that allow more freedom of movement to the cyclist backwards or forwards. And there are also curved saddles where these movements are more limited. In terms of materials, we have leather or faux leather saddles such as Brooks England saddles, and plastic or synthetic saddles normally used on roads and in the city. We even have super comfortable saddles with gel inside.

Types of bike seats according to gender

Women’s hips are different to men’s, they are wider, so women’s bike seats should be wider than men’s. At Santafixie we have both seats specifically for women and for men.

In the case of women, choosing a shorter bike seat would be the most suitable if they are going to ride racing or triathlon bikes. However, the versions with more padding at the back would be more suitable if they are going to ride in a more upright position.

The main difference when it comes to choosing the bike seat according to the gender of the person who is going to use it is the correct width it should be. That’s why women's bike seats should be around two centimetres wider, because the hips take up more space, and a centimetre shorter than a men’s bike seat.

In the case of men, therefore, the seat should be narrower than a women's seat but about a centimetre longer.

You can also find anti-prostate seats that have a hole in the middle to help ease the pressure from the pelvic and prostate area which occurs when sitting. The appropriate inclination for this type of bike seat is horizontal.

Types of bike seats according to use

In terms of bike seats according to their use, you can find the following options:

While fixie bikes have a fixed gear and single speed bikes only have one speed and have a free wheel, in terms of the seat on both types of bikes, it should be wide and comfortable.

On this type of bike, the aesthetic also plays an important role and that’s why it is easy to find multiple coloured options. Notable brands include BLB and Csepel.

A seat for a city bike should be comfortable and it is advisable to have a design which favours pedalling with the correct posture. If you are going to be riding the bike for long periods of time, a double-filled seat will be the most comfortable option to prevent annoying vibrations. Notable options include those from the brands BLB and Brooks.

Seats for gravel bikes should first and foremost be comfortable. Here, the type of padding they contain plays a key role, especially at the back.

If the bike is also going to be used for several hours at a time, then it is also advisable to see if the seat has a deep central channel which helps to prevent possible discomfort in the pelvis. Notable options include those from the brands Italia or Eltin.

Bike seats intended for cyclocross should be versatile and have a good filling to cushion frictions when riding on different roads, both natural and tarmac.

Seats for road bikes are usually thinner and aim to enable a greater ability to move whilst also being comfortable and preventing soreness. They are harder and are usually made of materials such as carbon. Brands to consider include Brooks and Fizik.

Top brands at the best price on Santafixie

At Santafixie, we have a wide range of bike seats, and other bike components, from top brands and at the best price so you only need to choose the model that suits you best depending on the type of cycling you are going to do and the model of your bike.

In addition, you will also be able to find all types of accessories for your bike as well as the best cycling gear.