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Cycling Gifts

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Cycling Gifts

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Gift ideas for cycling enthusiasts

Among the gifts for cyclists there are many fun and useful options available. From practical cycling accessories to high quality cycling clothing and equipment.

Gifts for cyclists for less than 20 €

If you are looking for a gift for a cycling lover and want to make that person feel special and show your affection, it is not necessary to wait for special days like Christmas or Father's Day.

For example, a front or rear light, a handlebar tape or some fun socks can be a perfect detail. Even, "City Cycling" books of different cities in Europe can be some gift ideas for those who love to travel.

A perfect gift for cyclists for less than 50

When we live together or have friends who are passionate about cycling we know that for special occasions such as Christmas or their anniversary we can get it right with a fun t-shirt related to their greatest hobby.

If you prefer to opt for a practical gift, there is the option of giving accessories such as gloves, a helmet or a saddle.

Gift ideas for cyclists for less than 100

A cycling computer, wall mounts or foot pumps are other examples of gifts that cycling enthusiasts will appreciate. Other options to take into account are jerseys. There are several options in terms of features and colors.

If you prefer to give something for everyday use, but that is related to bikes, there is the option of choosing streetwear with messages related to cycling and its philosophy of life.

Gifts for cyclists for less than 250

A gift that will delight any fan of two wheels is a pair of "Pit Viper" sunglasses. They are robust glasses ideal to combat the sun and wind, able to withstand any blow thanks to its flexibility and resistance. In addition, they have adjustable temples in inclination and length to be able to adapt to the face in an optimal way. Undoubtedly, these glasses are an ideal gift for cyclists, as they also provide a unique style.

Every cycling enthusiast dreams of an indoor roller for their indoor workouts. This tool allows you to perform specific training routines such as sprint series, loaded pedaling or high cadence pedaling. It is a great tool for toning muscles. In addition, it allows you to train anywhere and at any time.

Original and fun gifts for cycling enthusiasts

A good gift idea for cycling fans and decoration are the FustaFu wall mounts, designed specifically for urban bikes and fixies. It is an ideal gift for both her and him.

Crane Bell's hand painted bells come from Osaka, Japan. They have a unique sound all over the world. Their beautiful, carefully hand-painted designs are, without a doubt, an original gift that will delight anyone who loves bicycles.

Gifts for him or her

For the woman cyclist we have a variety of saddles, helmets and socks. We also have masks with bold designs. You can opt for a pair of shoes or socks with a message.

If the gift is for men, you will find a wide variety of products already mentioned above. In addition to these we can opt for a bib shorts, very comfortable thanks to its maximum muscle support.

You will also have street clothes such as pants, shirts and jackets. And some incredible packs of socks of the three Great Cycling Races with their representative colors.

In short, there are multiple gift ideas for cyclists to suit different tastes and budgets. And if that's not enough, we have a gift card that can be the finishing touch for a gift of ten.

What accessories may cyclists need?

Accessories are sometimes forgotten when it comes to gift giving, but they are very useful. Without going any further, a set of Allen keys, a toolbox for the handyman or some cleaning brushes can be good gift ideas for cyclists, as they are useful and necessary at all times.

So are baskets or saddle bags, as they give a unique touch to any bike. And all that without forgetting the lock or the lights.

What cycling equipment to give as a gift?

Some gift ideas are related to the equipment needed for your cycling trips. A Herschel Charlie card holder can be an excellent choice, as it is compact and fits in any pants pocket or the back of the jersey.

You can also opt for backpacks or windbreakers. If you are looking for something more daring, Cinelli caps, with their characteristic colorful designs, will delight the most vital and energetic people.