Tips and tricks: painting your bike with Spray.Bike


We want to show you the new Spray.Bike collection for colouring your bicycle with spraypaint. In a previous blog post we introduced the all the different collections, gave some advice and added some videos which explain how to use the sprays.

painting your bike with Spray

Today we want to show you two inspiring videos that have been filmed by Spray.Bike. Two different videos with some ideas, tips and tricks on how to paint your bike. So you can imagine new ways to have a 100% unique and customised bike.

#Inspiration 3: Painting a BMX bike. Creating a snakeskin layer.

#Inspiration 4: Painting a Cerveló Pista frame. Playing with masks, layers and typographies.

The Spray.Bike Instagram account shows you numerous ideas and tricks on how to make your bike beautiful again.

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