WG Formula SP68 Front Hub 20H - Black

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Details WG Formula SP68 Front Hub 20H - Black

  • Shaft Length: 108mm
  • 20 holes
  • 14 gauge
  • OLD: 100mm
  • Uses straight pull spokes
  • Discipline: Road
  • Weight: 106g


Are you a dedicated road cyclist who wants to get the advantage of riding a light and strong rim? Look no further than the WG Formula SP68 black hub. It's here to give you the confidence and performance you need. Our special 20-hole, 14-gauge construction uses straight pull radii for maximum strength and responsiveness. Weighing only 106 grams, it provides excellent power transfer with each pedal stroke. Perfect for long-distance riding, racing, or even recreational cycling, this advanced technology will ensure you're always ready for whatever challenges lie ahead. Formula hubs are not only strikingly attractive in a black finish, but are also built to exacting specifications to ensure durability, so you can be sure your wheels will stand up to your challenges. tougher outings. So don't wait any longer, invest in the Formula SP68 hub and take your road cycling to the next level.

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