H+Son SL42 Front Fixie Wheel - White

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Details H+Son SL42 Front Fixie Wheel - White

  • 42mm deep dish rim. The deep section creates strength, aerodynamics and durability.
  • Without any stress points in the sidewall, the uniform triangle shape improves the rim's lateral stiffness.
  • The simple profile shape also saves weight by reducing the distance between the bead hook and the spoke bed.
  • G609 Aluminium Alloy which is 30% stronger than the 6061 Aluminium Alloy used in standard rim manufacture.
  • With machined sidewall.
  • 12-622 (700c).
  • Rim weight: 615 gr.
  • Sealed hub.


The H+Son SL42 is an extremely lightweight 42mm-profile rim. This CNC rim has a machined braking wall, making it perfect for mounting brakes.

It is a professional, elegant rim with a sealed hub. It can be used for training, travelling or just riding, for long distances, fixed gear and daily rides. It's perfect if you are looking forward a hight quality wheel.

The size is 700c, meaning it is compatible with all road-bike tyres. You can mount 23, 25 or 28 tyres and will need a 60mm-valve inner tube. And it is crucial you mount a rim strip between the tyre and the inner tube to reduce or prevent punctures.

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